Conclusion and a Map (Ryan)

So obviously Beth does a better job at writing posts than I do. I’ve finally given up on writing the last leg of the journey. I just don’t have the time. The short of it is: Texas was hot, Louisiana was just kinda cool, family and friends are awesome (southeast), and the exhaust and luggage rack broke the last day. We made it back safe with just over 9000 miles on the clock. Below is a map showing the entire trip. The red is this trip, the blue is the trial run in April when we went to NY.

Now we are safely overseas and if you have suggestions for what Dual Sport to get in Central Asia, I’m all ears. When we set up a blog here, I’ll post a link.





Map of our travels. Blue is the trial run from April and red is the main, 9000 mile trip.


One response to “Conclusion and a Map (Ryan)

  • Bill Provenzano

    Great Trip!! In 1,5,10,20 years and so on you’ll look back say, I’m glad we did that.

    I’m convinced about one thing, I knew that bike wouldn’t make it without getting fixed during the trip. I’m glad you were able to work on the bike and actually had places to work on it. When I took my trip, I had nothing and nobody. Good times! I’d do it all over again!


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