Day 53-54: The Curtain Closes (Beth)

I suppose some good things really do have to come to an end.  We said goodbye to my family and started on the journey back home.  Being as my mindset switched from vacation mode to practical mode on the way back, I didn’t notice as much during the 2-day-long ride.  I will say that West Virginia is gorgeous territory and we did get a lovely shot of a commonplace view:


We stayed the night in Williamson, WV and the next day finished up our ride to Michigan.  We did stop for a few minutes to see a couple unique places, but only briefly.

A building made entirely of coal in Williamson.

Shot Tower

Shot Tower

It was just after we left for the day that poor Abram started experiencing some travel pains.  Whether we had too much weight on our luggage rack or I ate too much at my sister’s, I don’t know, but our luggage rack broke.  It didn’t break as in fall off, but it was more like my back rest had all the sudden transformed into a recliner.  Oh, and the exhaust pipes started dragging on the road during any right-side banks we made.  The bike only had to make it this one last day so we kept going.  We figured Abram would just need a little TLC when we got back.

We got back to MI between 7-8pm that night and settled in with some friends.

Looking back, what a fabulous trip!  This has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  When else are we going to have the opportunity to tour the country?  Since being back, we’ve gotten asked a lot of questions and I’ve decided to post answers to the most popular:

How many miles did we travel?  9,000+

How many states did we go through?  22

What was your favorite experience?  Mine was riding the 24 mile causeway over that lake in LA.

What place would you recommend for a vacation?  If you like outdoorsy things, Moab, UT.  Archway National Park and Canyonlands are great tourist destinations to begin with, but you would especially love it if you got to go off roading or take a guided tour or something.  It’s a tourist town that doesn’t feel like a tourist town.  We highly recommend it.  If you’re a history buff, Mesa Verde National Park in CO.  I’m not even a history fan (Ryan is), and I found it really interesting.  It’s a nice change from a regular national park.

What was your worst experience?  Getting stuck in the wind gusts in WY.  A close second was the gargantuan heat in TX.

What was the best place you stayed?  We loved “Frontier Cabins” in Wall, SD.  Also a place called “Tug Valley Inn” in Williamson, WV.  Oh, also “Sandia Peak” in NM.

(If you’ve got another question I didn’t answer, feel free to post it and I’ll try to answer it as best I can!)

Thanks, all, for reading!  This is Beth, signing off.


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