Day 48-52: The one with telepathic powers (Beth)

The last 5 days in NC, we spent with Cricket (that’s my brother-in-law’s nickname), Elaine, and the kids.  We played games, chatted the nights away, gave Leah and Tess rides on the bike, ate, sang, laughed, played more games and ate some more!  Out of sheer ridiculousness, I share the following information with you.  By 7 people within 5 days, the following members of the pantry were killed in the line of duty, sacrificing themselves for our snackish pleasures: 12 blenheims (spicy gingerale), a case of Mountain Dew, 3 liters of Diet Dr. Pepper (because we’re trying to be healthy here), 2 family sized bags of Cheetos, a batch of chocolate-caramel bars, a batch of strawberry, powdered sugar, pecan crust goodness, a Tres Leches Cake topped with cool whip and strawberries, a large bag of chips and french onion dip, lemon-pepper dusted popcorn, and fritos with pimento cheese.  It was beautiful!  Although I think I’m still feeling the repercussions…

Cricket and Ryan spoke computer language for a large portion of the visit. In response, Elaine and I sat nearby playing Bananagrams until we could no longer remember if some of the words we were using were even English.  During some down time, Tess made a really impressive fort out of cardboard that included a Franklin stove (complete with hinge door, oven racks and vent), cabinetry, a radio, and possibly some furniture.  Amber and Leah had to work part of the time (silly work ethic), but thankfully we did get to see them a good amount of the time.  Canasta became the game of the week.  Partners were switched up, but the most common pairs were Ryan-Leah and Me-Elaine.  While Ryan and Leah were busy picking on each other big brother-kid sister style, Elaine and I used our sisterly, telepathic powers to swoop in and steal the win! Mwahahahaha!  Someone looking in from the outside might have thought we planned some suicidal moves, but no!  I assure you, there was deliberate, genius strategy behind every one! 🙂

Another awesome part of our visit was when we had some friends over to the house.  One of our friends, Kim, brought his octave mandolin to the house and an extra violin for me.  Kim, myself, and a few other friends used to get together and play all the time, so it was fantastic to be able to play with him again.  As a musician, there are certain people you just click with or have played with a long time and you can predict each other fairly well.  It’s rare I think, or maybe just rare for me, but it’s awesome when it happens.  We got a musical night going, singing different songs and playing little improvisations.  It was a special treat for me!

Here are some pics of the week:

Ryan and Cricket

Musical fun.

My sister, Elaine. I love this picture.

Amber, Tess, Leah, my nieces.

Chad and Brittany with their daughter, Haven – friends.

Uncle Ryan giving rides.


That’s right.


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