Day 47: Corn Hole County Champ (Beth)

We spent  today visiting with my Dad and step-mom, Linda and my sister, Ann, who drove over to hang out.  It was such a nice visit!  We caught up on the current goings-on, reminisced about old times, ate some apple pie my Dad made from scratch and played corn hole.  Oh!  And I should mention, Dad and Linda took a cross country road trip as well several years before we did.  We were looking through their pictures and comparing places we’d all been.  They made it further west than we did: California, Oregon, etc.

Ryan and I each played corn hole with my Dad and both of us failed miserably. I blame it on the heat… and lack of talent.  It was fun though!

Here’s a few pictures from the visit:

My Dad and his favorite coffee mug. He has this thing about running his fingers along the curvature of the handle while he talks. I love that I can remember that from my childhood and he still does it:) Sorry the picture’s dark.

Nice form.

My form didn’t work out for me in this one…

This is my step-mom, Linda. Fun fact: Linda corrected us on how many years we’ve been married, because WE got it wrong during our conversation! IT WAS HILARIOUS. She did it really sweetly too, which made it even funnier!

My sister, Ann. She’s No. 6. I’m No. 7.

Dad, Linda, Ann, Beth, Ryan

In the evening, we headed out from Dad and Linda’s.  Ryan had to run back to Burlington and I met my friend Christy very briefly for dinner.  She and her husband are good friends of ours.

Christy and Madaline

Dad and Linda live pretty close to Raleigh so I jumped over to see my former violin teacher before heading back to Burlington for the night.  She taught me for… 8 years?  My memory’s questionable, but it’s close to that.  I hadn’t seen her since our wedding (which was FOUR years ago, not SIX.  In case you’re wondering;)), so it was great to see her again and catch up! She had an extra violin around that she let me use and we got to play some duets again.  Some of my favorite memories are moments like this, playing beautiful music with someone you’re comfortable playing with.

My teacher.

Once I got back to Burlington, I hung out for a little bit and then exhaustion  set in. I decided I should get myself united with a pillow… and that was that.


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