Day 32-36: Alabama Partaaay! (Beth)

Instead of going day by day, I’ll just give you an overall picture of the visit.

We rolled into Alabama in the afternoon to stay with some good friends (Drew and Jessie), and from the moment Drew got home from work, he and Ryan immediately went outside to shoot Drew’s potato gun… for an hour!  Nothing like two rednecks celebrating their Southern pride by shooting taters into a field via homemade arsenal.   As I recall, Ryan’s friend Dave drove in from Florida a day or two after we arrived and the three of them got it in their heads to shoot a glow stick out of the potato gun, leaving a trail of neon green alien-like residue hanging in the air.  Very Roswell.  Not really taking part in the shooting, Jesse and I did get to enjoy watching 3 grown men running around the yard, as giddy as I’ve ever seen them.

Having fun.

Drew, Dave and Ryan are all good college friends, and to sweeten the pot, all Rednecks.  (FYI- when Ryan and I use this term in our blogs, we say it with pride.  Let’s face it, should civilization/governments collapse, you want the friend by your side to be a Redneck.  They are hardworking, will give you the shirt off their back, comfortable in the outdoors, resourceful, can blow anything up, can hunt for/eat anything, and can generally fix any vehicle while telling a fantastic story.) During our visit we all went fishing, Dave rolled out some alligator skins for us to see, we watched videos of some guys shooting wild hogs from a helicopter, and ate lots of good food (thanks Jessie!).  Between the 3 of them all getting on each other’s case and reviving old stories, my abs ACHED from laughing so hard!  All in all, a fabulous time!

Dave’s trophies.

The guys.

Drew and Jesse have possibly one of the cutest kids I’ve seen in my life! (He’s 11 months)  He was workin the crowd like a pro, throwing his body haphazardly onto the nearest unsuspecting victim, getting addicted to his first taste of pineapple icing, hugging random cashiers at Aldi, and the whole time, winning my heart over!

Too adorable

Speaking of addictions, Jessie introduced me to a fabulous version of Scrabble for non-Scrabble lovers: Bananagrams.   This game is a more independent, fast-paced version of Scrabble.  Bear with me for about 2.5 minutes, and you too can experience the freedom and enjoyment of this 5-10 minute game.

Get yourself 1-2 other players.  Dump your scrabble letters on the table, turning them face down.  Each player picks 21 tiles.  Everyone overturn your tiles at the same time and then you must immediately make as many REAL words (*couCRICKETgh* 😉 ) as you can, linking them together in front of you like you would see words attached in a Scrabble game.  If you can make all the tiles in front of you fit into various connected words, you call “PEEL” and everyone, including you, must draw another tile from the unused pile in the middle.  If you cannot fit all your tiles in a word, you can call “DUMP” and throw an unwanted letter back into the middle pile and exchange it for 3 new tiles.  If you call “DUMP,” only you exchange tiles, no one else.  As you draw more tiles either by way of “PEEL” or “DUMP,” you’re always trying to make new words.  You can rearrange your board as many times as you want during the game.  The game ends when there are less tiles in the middle than there are players and someone uses up all their tiles.  Make sure to check that the winner’s words are all spelled correctly.  If they’re not, the game is still afoot!

We had such a fantastic time in Alabama.  Hated for it to end!


PS- For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain something to those of you reading.  We’ll say in our blogs that we traveled such and such a distance and a lot of people have mentioned to me that they could never ride on a bike for so long a time.  To which I respond, “Oh, you build up a tolerance for a certain amount of riding a day.  It’s not as bad as you think.”  Well, some days are easier to enjoy and some days are more of a will power issue depending on the terrain and mile count.  Thankfully, Drew and Jessie’s son, Aaron, has inspired me to share with you a visual representation of my reaction to Ryan each day when he tells me how many miles we’re going to be riding.

0-150 miles

Sweet! It’s like we’re running an errand!

150-300 miles

Cool! That’ll be a nice ride.

3.  300 – 400 miles

Okay.. I’ll do it, but I’m skeptical…

400-500 miles

Oy vey.

500+ miles

This is how much motivation I have to start this ride.

One response to “Day 32-36: Alabama Partaaay! (Beth)

  • Drew and Jessie

    Absolutely can’t stop laughing! Love the post! So thankful for the fun visit!! Love you guys!
    ~Drew and Jessie

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