Day 28: The Trek to Corpus Christi (Beth)

As we sat down to eat our continental breakfast this morning, we discovered that the hotel owner used to live in Michigan!  He came in asking about our bike and where we were from in Michigan and I think 20 minutes later we finished bonding over our mutually known State.  It’s nice to find people that will just start talking with you out of the blue because of a common interest.

Today was the ride from Del Rio to Corpus Christi.  Now comes the grueling part.  Today was HOT.  Not only was it hot, but travel was slow.  There was a leg of the trip where we were stuck behind five semi trucks!  We have no windshield and at this temperature, we definitely do NOT have on any of our leather gear, so the gravel spitting out the back of these trucks is smacking us frequently, with conviction.  And we felt it. Ryan got the worst of it, being the driver.  After a while, I had to ask him to pull off to take a break.  I think I was getting mildly dehydrated, so he pulled off no problem.  We ate some subway, sat in the AC and drank loads of ice water.  While this did feel good at the time, I realized it was a huge mistake.

When we got on the road again, it was blazing hot and my body had adjusted to the cooler indoor temperatures.  The first 20 minutes of the ride, it literally felt like my skin was on fire.  After that, my body got used to the heat again and it was tolerable, but I had certainly learned my lesson.  When we stopped for gas next, I just sat outside in the shade and Ryan took care of filling our water bottle inside the gas station.

As the day progressed, the temperature decreased and the humidity increased.   We got to Corpus Christi and crashed in our room while we ran the ever necessary load of laundry.  Once we again had clean clothes in our possession, we scouted out some nearby restaurants and settled on some place with “Blackbeard” in the name.  I can’t remember exactly.  What I DO remember was a delectable white chocolate raspberry cheesecake slice that I enjoyed profusely.

There is a section of coast that is really pretty to drive along at night, so that’s where we headed after dinner.  There were kids playing in fountains near the water, couples taking strolls, and lights off a more distant piece of land suspended out in the water.  It was very, very pleasant.  A nice way to end a long day.

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