Day 27: Snow White and Some Bikers (Beth)

Today we rode from Carlsbad to Del Rio, TX.  We left early in the morning to start off the day, picked up some nutritious McD’s breakfast and headed out of town.  As I recall, we were warned by some gentlemen at McDonald’s to watch out for these wild hogs that roam out here.  At first glance, their size makes them appear more harmless than you would think, but if you hit them, they’re about as harmless as a runaway semi.  Thankfully, we never even spotted one.

The intensity of the sun has wiped out most of my memory of today’s ride.  It must have been fairly standard.

When we arrived in Del Rio (early evening), it had reached the low hundreds outside.  When we asked the lady at the hotel desk if it is always this hot, she said this was mild.  Yikes.  After recuperating in the AC for a bit, the temperature had cooled down a little outside, so we rode around town.  We met another pro-bike couple and we all decided to do dinner together.  Really fun!  The husband had a 1984 Shadow that was currently under repair, so he and Ryan got along great.  The wife was as sweet as could be, so I loved talking to her.  After hanging out for a couple hours, it turned out to be hard to tear ourselves away from them, but they needed to get going, so we did, sadly.

After leaving the restaurant, we got back to the hotel parking lot, but then immediately left because we realized neither of us was tired even though it was pretty late.  We searched for a movie theater nearby and managed to slip into the last showing of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Okay, here’s my review in case you are debating about seeing it:

Eh. The evil witch (Theron) carried the entire movie.  SHE was worth watching.  There was a scene where she’s screaming her head off at someone that had me mesmerized.  The quality of acting was superb. As far as everyone else, the acting didn’t capture or inspire.  The girl who played Snow White seemed to have the same expression on her face through the entire movie.  I will say that the special effects were quite good and the general aesthetics, very pleasing, but I would wait to see it in a cheap theater or on Netflix.

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