Day 26 – Everyone needs some ukulele (Beth)

We love Albuquerque!  This morning, we thought we were just going to drive through Old Town, but we ended up staying and exploring for at least 2 hours!  There was a group playing music in the park, vendors lined up around it and lots of unique little shops.

Old Town

Live music in Old Town!

This guy was making copper bracelets right in front of us. Awesome.

I was engrossed by the vendors selling jewelry and spent a while walking up and down hunting for a gift for a friend.  After talking to most of the vendors, there was one lady I liked a lot more than the others.  She was genuinely friendly and not pushy, so I decided that of everyone, I wanted to buy something from her.   What a great time!  I think we talked with her for 30+ minutes about anything and everything.  She spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best gift for our friend and after we made our purchase, she even gave us a hug.


We walked through several of the shops and found several really cool items.  There was one I wish we had actually bought:

Taste buds? We don’t need no stinking taste buds!

After lounging around Old Town, we got on the bike with every intention of hitting the road for the day, but got sidetracked again by a farmer’s market.  We didn’t buy anything too exciting, just a little bit of food for lunch, but it was a fun atmosphere!  The cherry on top of the whole experience was a store I spotted that advertised ukulele lessons!  What city affords you such fantastic options like this?  If we had stayed there just one more day, I guarantee I would have found a way to take a lesson before leaving.

I never would have guessed it, but both Ryan and I decided that we could EASILY live here.  What a great city!  There are a lot of places that you could love visiting, but would never move to.  It wouldn’t take much convincing to get us to make a permanent move here.  All this from a 24 hour visit, you say?  It’s crazy and hard to explain, but yes.  So if you’re out there looking for a change of scenery: consider Albuquerque!

We did eventually pry ourselves away and started riding to our destination: Carlsbad.

On the way, we drove through Roswell and had to stop to check it out.  We really wanted to visit the actual “crash site,” but was informed that it was basically just a sign in the middle of nowhere to identify it and that even that had recently been removed.   After we abandoned that option, we decided to check out the alien museum in town… to find it closed.  Oh well.  We took some pictures of the outside of the museum and headed on our way.  We did get an awesome sticker for the bike though!

UFO Museum

Love this picture.

Roswell, NM Sticker: “Resistance is futile.”

When we reached Carlsbad, we had some trouble getting a place to stay.  Other than a couple PRICEY hotels, there were only really questionable places to stay for the night.  After searching for a while, checking out some different options, discarding them and searching for others, we did find a room that was at least reasonably clean and settled in.  We grabbed some dinner at a decent restaurant, which was nice, but overall, neither Ryan or myself liked Carlsbad much at all.  Because of this, we didn’t do much exploring.   We used the night to work on a couple things on our “to do” list and then turned in.

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