Day 25 – Albekerkie… I’ll be quirky?… (Beth)

(Albuquerque has got to be the most difficult US city name to spell.)

We loved the restaurant we ate at last night so much, we waited for them to open and ate there again for lunch before we left town.  After brunch, we left and traveled the 200+ miles to Albuquerque.  Not much to mention except that it was hot, but I have a feeling that’s going to describe every day of the trip from here on out, so no surprise there.

When we reached our hotel, we immediately loved it.  Sandia Peak.  It was very affordable, nice and clean.  The owners are Indian (not Native American, Indian Indian) and their accents made us so happy because they reminded us of our good friends Nathan and Jen. (Yes Jen, their accents reminded us of you too!)  Very friendly owners.  Their natural hospitality was evident to us even as we checked in.

After settling in, we grabbed some dinner, came back for the mandatory laundry cycle, then headed out to see MIB3.  (Not a huge fan of the MIB series, but the guy who plays the young Tommy Lee Jones in this one deserves mentioning.  Excellent TLJ impersonator.  Uncanny, actually.)

After the movie, it was late… so we came back, worked on a few blog posts and then slept!

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