Day 22 – A Grand Canyon (Beth)

When Ryan and I arrived at the Grand Canyon on a weekday morning, we didn’t think it would be so crowded!   But hey, I guess in the summertime, every day is a prime time for tourism out here.  The Grand Canyon is impressive to be sure, but having been to several other impressive places (including canyonlands) recently, it wasn’t as jaw-dropping as I thought it might be.  I know, crazy. It’s the Grand Canyon, right?  Well, it might have been the crowds that took the edge off it for me.  Not as fun when you feel like part of a human herd, scrambling to reach a railing so you can take a picture.  Of all the places we’ve been, this felt like the biggest “tourist trap.”  Still a cool place though, don’t get me wrong.

Grand Canyon

Another view

After the most popular viewpoint, we swung into a store to grab a sticker for the bike and that’s when I saw it: a “gourmet-flavored” lollipop TOWER!  Don’t ask why, but this made me so happy.  I was trying to choose one, but was extremely torn.  They had Lemon-Meringue Pie, Root Beer Float, Mango Mania, Cherry Cheesecake, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Vanilla… the list goes on.  I landed on the Mango one, paid for it of course, viciously ripped off the wrapper, salivating in anticipation, to find… a completely NON-mango flavored lollipop.  *sigh* Oh well, it was still nice to have something to snack on.

Me and the deceptive lollipop.

We did ride around and go to different viewpoints, which was cool.  Probably the most interesting one was Desert Tower.  You could climb 4 or 5 stories up this old-looking watchtower for another view.  The scenery was impressive and so was the building.  Here are some pictures:


View from the watchtower.

The watchtower.

Inside the watchtower looking up.

Afterwards we left for Williams again, ate a nice pizza dinner, window-shopped some more and called it a night.

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