Days 17-21: Bundt Cake and Roadkill (Beth)

Day 17-19: Ryan worked on the bike.  I read.

Day 20:  The bike was finally restored to its former glory at the skillful hands of my dear husband!  Woo!  Back on track!

Matt got an invite to “re-break” some horses at a nearby ranch, so he made his way up there for a few hours.  We rode around Vegas a bit and met up with a few cool people.  One of the couples we met, we ended up going out to lunch with.  Excellent company, excellent food.  I believe the restaurant name was Capriotti’s.  That’s debatable.  However, at the end of our meal, we did consume some exquisite mini-bundt cakes.  Oh my goodness, what I wouldn’t do for another taste of one of those!  Can the texture of a bundt cake be creamy?  Anyway, they were good.

After lunch, we parted ways with our new friends, rode back to Matt’s and ended up looking up a place to stay that evening.  Poor Matt had been hosting us for nearly a week and was getting ready to get back to his normal work schedule, so we went ahead and let him have his house/life back!  Plus, this gave us an opportunity to test out the hotels on The Strip.  Don’t worry everyone, we actually didn’t feel like we had to stay there, but it turns out that casino hotels are a lot cheaper than normal hotels because they just want to get you in there quick so you can go downstairs and gamble all your money away.  So we actually got a really, really nice room for a fraction of what the cost would be elsewhere.  Fear not, no gambling. That pretty much concludes Day 20.

The palm trees are even lit up.


Conversational excerpt for the day:

Me: “This might sound crazy. And possibly a little creepy.”

New Acquaintance: *reassuringly* “I’m from Kentucky.”


Day 21: Today was blisteringly hot (100+), but on we rode on towards our next stop: Williams, AZ!  Williams is only half an hour away from the Grand Canyon, so that was our mark for the day.  The only really eventful thing that happened was our luggage rack broke about 30 minutes from Williams.  Luckily, we were just riding through a small town and were directed to a local welder that has a shop outside his house.  When we rode up to the shop, there were 4 guys sitting around in a variety of chairs chattin’ it up.  I guess business was slow.  Steve (the owner) took care of us like we were family!  He and Ryan hung out in back by the welder and I sat around with Mike, Mike, and another guy from Texas, joining the conversation.  It was a very pleasant break down, as break downs go.

Probably an hour later we were all fixed up, packed up and decided to go ahead and grab some dinner.  There were several choices, but we couldn’t pass this one up:

Roadkill Cafe

After dinner, we made reasonable time to Williams. Once we arrived, we got to gallivant around town for an hour or so before all the shops closed.

Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon!

2 responses to “Days 17-21: Bundt Cake and Roadkill (Beth)

  • Nancy

    Greetings Ryan & Beth,
    Jen showed me your blog and I’ve been following. Did ya pick up a cookbook at the Road Kill Cafe? Could come in handy in the Fall! Beth, you’ve a gift for writing! You need to find a regular outlet for your talent once the road trip is over.


  • shadowcrosscountry

    Sadly, we did not get a cookbook! You know, I used to write poetry, but it mainly revolved around food… and then I went on a diet… 😦 Kind of kills the inspiration. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂 -Beth

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