Days 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16: The Masterful Clump (Beth)

Ok!  Buckle in your seat belts…

Day 11: Ryan and I said tearful goodbyes to Moab.  We really loved it there and would’ve stayed longer, but there were no more places to stay, it being Memorial Day Weekend and all.  Sadly, one of the downfalls of taking a rather flexibly scheduled road trip.  No booking too far in advance, because you don’t know where you’ll be.

We made our way towards Bryce Canyon National Park area and settled in for the night there.  (On the way, we did ride through Captial Reef National Park, which neither of us had every heard of.  It was pretty.  We stopped once to snap some pictures of petraglyphs, but otherwise basically rode on through.) We hit up a local pizza place for dinner that was really good, but I couldn’t help but feel for the lady waitressing that night.  I guess someone called in an emergency and there was only one waitress trying to handle the entire restaurant (not small).  And it was a busy night.  I felt so bad for her, I actually offered to help bus a few table and take some drink orders, but to no avail.  I kind of wish she had taken me up on it, because I think it actually would have been fun to pitch in, but oh well.

Day 12: We rode through Bryce today, but I can’t lie… it was a bit miserable.  The weather was nasty, cold, and windy.  Unfortunately, while all the National Parks are gorgeous, Ryan and I were also getting a little burnt out on them.  We decided we needed to be around some people, give our eyes a break from the National Parks, and be refreshed for the next natural wonder.  All that being said, after Bryce we skipped Zion and headed straight for a campground in Nevada where Ryan’s brother, Matt, was staying for the weekend.

Thankfully, Matt had packed enough gear for us for just such an occasion.  We got in and got to spend some time with him and some of his friends who were hanging out there for the weekend as well.  It was a nice night.

Day 13: Most of Matt’s friends had to leave mid-day today, so things quieted down pretty quick.  Ryan and Matt spent most of the day fishing from a canoe and I got a chance to catch up on some reading.  The evening was pretty quiet with just the 3 of us at the campsite.  The guys cooked themselves some steak over the fire, we played some cards, and I demolished a very large percentage of some tortilla chips and cheese dip that we picked up in town.  Very satisfying.

Chips and dip. Perfection.

Day 14: We had to head back to Matt’s house in Las Vegas today, but before we left the guys got to do some shooting.

What a good redneck picture!

On the way to Vegas, we had to cross about 40 miles of gravel road on the bike, so that was interesting.  The bike handled it surprisingly well though.  After some paved road time, we grabbed some lunch at “J&Js fast food” (we learned that fast is a relative term…) and then pretty much parted ways.  Matt took his jeep across some “off-road-vehicle-only” terrain, and we took the highway back to Vegas and met up again at Matt’s house. (For those of you who don’t know, Matt is an off-roader, bull-rider, and 5 time skydiver, to name a few of his exploits.)

Didn’t do much for dinner. Just threw together some fruit salad, busted out the cards again, and then called it a night.

Day 15: Matt had to work today, so Ryan ended up running around town to buy parts to give the bike a tune-up and I got dropped off at Barnes and Noble to read to my heart’s content and slurp on a delectable mango smoothie.  Ryan might write more about this day later, but for me it was pretty laid back.

After Matt got off work, we went to go see the Avengers in 3D.  Good movie!  And a good one to see in theaters.  The theater with the best time for us was actually in a casino, so I have now officially step foot in a casino in Vegas!  Granted, I didn’t gamble at all (I’m not a gambler) and it wasn’t a casino on the main strip in Vegas, but still noteworthy.

If I recall correctly, we had a very good dinner and then came back to Matt’s house to play cards. I lost, again.  *sigh*

Day 16: Today is the day Ryan will blog about later, I’m sure.  He worked on the bike ALL day.  I took the time to make some sorely overdue calls, catch up with some people and work on blogs, which were obviously way past due.  Surprisingly, the day went by fast though.

Funny quote for the day:

“Two-stepping is the Nascar of dancing.  A lot of left turns and the occasional spin.”

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