Day 10: Hiking the Arches (Beth)

Today= Arches and Canyonlands

Ryan and I decided to hit Arches National Park first and then Canyonlands, but it turns out we made a sandwich of Arches, Canyons, then Arches again.  At the visitor’s center for Arches, one of the employees suggested starting at the furthest point of the park and working our way back, so that’s what we did.

The furthest point of Arches is the Landscape Arch that you have to hike back a half mile or so to see.

Landscape Arch

I did want to see the Delicate Arch…until I found out you had to hike a mile to see it. I admit, this is a once in a lifetime trip and I have no idea when I would ever come back, but it was lunch time and I lack conviction. I believe my exact words to Ryan were “Eh, my Dad came here a few years back.  I’ll get him to email me a picture.”  I got a picture from a distance though.

Delicate Arch. Far Away.

For your viewing pleasure, I did get a sort of close up.

Delicate Arch

After lunch I was much more amenable to going on adventures again.

Promotional Insert (for Christy): McDonald’s has nearly everything.  For cheap.  And their advertizing has been excellent lately.  I’m a fan.  (Except has anyone else noticed that soups are sorely lacking?)

Next we drove up to “Island in the Sky” to see Canyonlands from an aerial viewpoint.  Awesome!  This section also included a large arch plus some fun vegetation.


I’ve discovered an easy way to make friends during travels.  Traveling as a couple, it’s very difficult to get pictures of the both of you together, so I’ve taken to volunteering myself as a picture taker for people.  This day alone, we met 3 sets of very cool people that way: a couple college guys on a road trip, a couple visiting the States from Austria, another random couple that I can’t remember where they’re from. Very nice way to meet people.  In fact, almost all of them took pictures for us as an exchange, so it worked out well.  The last couple even invited us to join them later at a restaurant called “The Broken Oar.” (cool name)

Before it got too late, we decided to swing back by Arches and catch the “Windows” during sunset.  Ryan and I walked through a couple of them and plopped ourselves down to watch the sun go down since there weren’t many people hiking through.  Good weather, great view, exceptional company, fabulous evening!


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