Day 8: South Pass, $4,000 Bill (Beth)

We got a mid-morning start to head out of Riverton, WY.  Ryan used to work out this way, so as we were riding through town, he’s half regaling me with stories and half reminiscing out loud.

There’s something you should know about Ryan: he was make for lots of space.  He grew up in the country and when he worked out here, fell right in step with the expanses of WY.  Cowboy hats, guys working from sunrise to after dark, directions by generalities and landmarks, that’s paradise to him. Seeing him here, it’s like seeing him in his natural habitat.

We rode by his old boss’s place, but he wasn’t there.  His daughter told us he might be at a nearby glass shop, so we headed over there and found him.  It was nice; He and Ryan caught up for a few minutes.  After their visit, we moved on out of town.

A few hours after that, we hit a mountain pass in Wyoming that gave us some grief.  Approaching the pass, there was a sign that gave a 45mph wind gust warning.  Okay, gusts of 45, not great, but we’ve done them before over extended periods of time.  It is more taxing and harder work for the driver, but doable, so we readied ourselves and headed in.  Ok, half way through the pass, it was more like a base wind of 45 with gusts of 60+.  We hit the bottom of the pass and the wind was so forceful, we pulled off the side of road to gear up.  At a standstill, the wind was so bad it was literally moving us and the bike back against our wills.  We got on the bike again and momentum helped a ton.  Our dear Abram chugged through and we came out on the other end a little shaken and ready to have words with the guy responsible for the information on the road sign.   It will not hurt our feelings to never go through that again.  Lesson for the day: take rain over wind if you have a choice!

We decided to end our trip just on the Wyoming/Utah border.  We’re discovering that tourist season starts earlier than Memorial Day in this area.  We’ve had a rougher time figuring out places to stay.  The first place we looked at to stay for the night literally had bugs crawling on the bed.  Strike 1.

This was a small town we stopped in and there was really only one other place that looked decent that we saw.  Ryan went in to check it out.  I stayed by the bike thinking it would only take a second.  Ten minutes later, I’m wondering what’s going on so I make my way in.  It turns out that the rooms looked decent and Ryan was trying to book one for the night, but the proprietor messed up the bill.  She charged us the price of the room PLUS $4,000!  “How???” do you ask?  ME TOO!  She ended up calling her husband to come reverse the charge and 5-10 minutes later everything seemed to be resolved and we got in our room.

The rest of the night mainly consisted of grabbing some dinner, figuring out our new route, and trying to catch up on blogs.

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