Day 4: Is this hot chocolate? (Beth and Ryan)


Honestly, we didn’t do much of anything today except recuperate.   We rolled out of bed just in time to hobble over to the continental breakfast served by the cabin manager here in Wall, SD.  The minute we saw the breakfast line up, we were so excited.  I’m sure we looked pitiful, eyes half open, making a run for these delicious homemade biscuits and gravy set out on the counter.  (Actually, I think we loaded up on two of everything laid out, but those were the piece de resistance.)  Then ensued my favorite part of the day, which I will lay out for you.

Sitting down to eat breakfast, Ryan takes a sip of coffee and looks puzzled.  He then has this conversation with himself and then with me: “Do they serve hot chocolate here?  I think this is hot chocolate.  Is this coffee?  Babe, taste this and see if it’s hot chocolate.” He hands me the cup.  I bring it up to my face and don’t even have to taste it. The smell is a dead-ringer for a cup of coffee. “Ryan, that’s coffee.  I promise.” Ryan: “Oh.  I must be tired.”

That pretty much sums up our state of mind for the day.

We did make it out to see the famous Wall Drug Store though.  That store was EXTENSIVE.  Besides some sweet western gun belts, they carried something that I would have loved to try, but was too cheap to buy: Dark Chocolate Jalapeno Bars.  Anyone else intrigued?  I think I hovered over them for about 2 minutes, just wondering, before Ryan pried me away.

After window shopping, it started drizzling a bit, so we ducked in for a quick dinner.  Our waitress was from Bulgaria.  Personally, this is what I love about our country (and I’m not being sarcastic): we went to a restaurant in SD, I ordered Mexican, and it was served to me by a Bulgarian.

More exciting stuff to come for Day 5.


I don’t really have all that much to add to Day 4, we mostly lazed around and worked on this blog! After 510 miles or so the day before we were ready for a break. I’m typing this on Day 7 and we are getting ready to ride to Riverton, WY (just waiting for some laundry to come out of the dryer). We’ve had a wonderful time in Wall and even made some new friends. Hopefully tonight we can get Days 5 and 6 up. We went to Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park, Badlands National Park, and hung out with a family on their ranch…lots of good stuff to come!

Ryan working on this blog

One response to “Day 4: Is this hot chocolate? (Beth and Ryan)

  • amy

    Hey guys, just now catching up on all the posts. Looks and sounds like your having an amazing trip. I’m bummed I couldn’t talk to you before you left. Keep riding, rest well and can’t wait to hear more.
    Love amy

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