The Lodge, Knights Inn Resort, Forest City, IA

When it comes to a place to stay let’s be honest…some things really matter, and some really don’t. For instance, how many channels of cable are available to you should be pretty far down on the list compared to is it clean and is the staff helpful. The Lodge was clean and well kept although older and not “fashionable.” The fixtures were antique brass rather than chrome or oiled bronze. However, the innkeeper (for lack of a more specific name or title) stayed up until we arrived around around 11pm! He didn’t have to, we had already paid for the room and he had a note and key out for us in the office, but when I walked in he came out of a back room greeted me and told me that he had decided to stay up and wait for us. That made a tremendous impression on me, not many people would do that! From that perspective I can highly recommend The Lodge. However, if you are looking for every luxury and convenience you had better go to a bigger town. I don’t think I saw any high luxury places in town. The Lodge accommodations were basic (pillows were a little thin and hard, but then Beth says I’m a pillow snob) but adequate. The breakfast was cereal and toast with coffee, milk, and OJ to drink. For the price of around $67 a night with taxes and an NRA discount it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t much to write home about (except the innkeeper who personally cares for his guests). At the end of the day I liked the place, but manage your expectations.  4.5 stars out of 5 from me for outstandingly personable service.


The main building at the Lodge

Restaurant and dining area

The Grounds behind The Lodge

Our room: “Sir Barton”

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